About Us

coloursMarsh-McLeod Training & Consultancy is a specialist leader in Equality & Diversity Training based in East Yorkshire, however we can travel anywhere in the world to support your training business needs.

With over 20 years experience of delivering training and specialising for the last 5 years in Equality & Diversity, We are perfectly placed in the market to deliver the highest quality consultancy and training. Our experience has thought us that :

  • We know that people perform better at work when they can be themselves and feel fully respected & accepted.
  • We want to work with businesses and organisations who understand that creating an environment where people can be themselves is not only the right thing to do, but makes perfect business sense.
  • People who love where they work and the service they provide, speak highly of it to others and this promotes a positive social message and brings “added value” to your business and its growth.
  • We would like to help YOU create more an inclusive workplace, increasing the self-esteem and productivity of your staff and thereby having a huge positive impact on the lives of the people you employ and the communities in which you do business.

Take a look through our website to see how we can help you do this, and please contact us for more details.

Our mission is to help your business

  • Create greater mutual respect and acceptance within your workforce, to better inform and improve their working relationships – people who feel they can fully be themselves at work, perform better.
  • Enhance the customer service your staff teams deliver, and the positive impact this has on customers and what they tell others about you
  • Raise your business profile and customer base
  • Recruit & retain the right people for your business
  • Positively raise your social media presence.
  • Reduce the risks of employment tribunal claims made against you
  • Reduce the risk of claims of discrimination from existing and potential customers
  • Reduce the risks of you having to pay a fine or compensation payment
  • Reduce the risks to your business imagine, reputation and its future growth

We are passionate about helping you and your business make a positive difference, by developing your knowledge & understanding of an ever changing landscape of equality and diversity issues, and your legal obligations under Equality Legislation & Codes of Practice.